A message from our Founder...

About Me


Hello ladies, my name is Adebukola Salau also known as Arewah. I am a mother to two beautiful girls but beyond that, I am a professional makeup artist, a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about the empowerment of women of color. I am the founder of Make Em’ Stare Business Community (Now HerConnectHub). A platform birthed out of a strong desire to see women especially those in the black community across the UK to thrive in business.

Empowerment and support are the core values of this platform. I have always been actively involved in business since my days as an undergraduate. I utilized every opportunity to engage in the sales of merchandise I knew had a quick turnover. I also equipped myself with the necessary tools and education to become a professional makeup artist. Like every woman here, life has dealt me my fair share of challenges and along with that, the need to take time out to raise a family seemed to have halted my dreams and goals.

However, through the support of some women I admire, I quickly realized that raising a family or whatever situation I found myself in at the moment shouldn’t prevent me from becoming all that I knew I could be and much more. So in 2017, six years after the birth of my first daughter, I started MakeemStare first as a WhatsApp group to share my beauty and fashion expertise with women.

While running the group and interacting with the women on board, I observed that a lot of them were entrepreneurs who lack exposure to what is needed for their businesses to succeed and thrive. They were on the verge of throwing in the towel on their businesses and this motivated me to create an avenue to foster and promote business connections

I decided to create a platform (HCH) because It saddens me when I see talented people not appreciated for their efforts. Also we have a lot of entrepreneurs in our local communities struggling to make ends meet. I know a lot of talented Mothers and young individuals that have taken the Bulls by the Horns and decided that they want to start their own business but due to lack or no exposure a lot have given up on their dreams and settled for less.
This has motivated me to think of a way to connect businesses together to help each other and also promote our business for the world to see.

A journey with a clear vision that started as a WhatsApp group in 2017 has grown with the help of GOD and YOU all. My dream is to have us use and promote each other’s businesses so that we can develop economically. My ultimate joy is to see our community grow to a world class standard.

Her Connect Hub is my passion, the passion to see women led businesses of People of colour thrive!