Her Connect Entrepreneur (June 2022)

 Her Connect Entrepreneur (June 2022)
  •  Tell us about you and what you do 

My name is Adebukola Salau, popularly known as Arewàh. I’m a fiercely passionate Multipotentialite. I wear many hats and I wear them very well. I have a background in Economics and I am extremely passionate about Business and Progression! I am  the founder of this incredible platform and community, Her Connect Hub. I’m also the founder of Arewàh Creations, a fashion and a beauty outfit. 

  • Why did you decide to be an entrepreneur?

I have always been actively involved in business since my days as an undergraduate. I utilized every opportunity to engage in the sales of merchandise I knew had a quick turnover. I knew from then I want to be an entrepreneur. 

  • What inspired the idea of your brand?

Supporting women is at the core of everything I believe in. There’s a saying that says, When you empower a woman, you empower a nation. 


Like most women, life has dealt me my fair share of challenges and along with that, the need to take time out to raise a family seemed to have halted my dreams and goals. However, through the support of some women I admire, I quickly realized that raising a family or whatever situation I found myself in at the moment shouldn’t prevent me from becoming all that I knew I could be and much more. So in 2017, five years after the birth of my first daughter, I started a WhatsApp group to share my beauty and fashion expertise with women. While running the group and interacting with the women on board, I observed that a lot of them were entrepreneurs who had a lack of exposure to their business needed to succeed and thrive. They were on the verge of throwing in the towel on their businesses and this motivated me to create an avenue to foster and promote business connections.


I decided to create Her Connect Hub because It saddens me when I see talented people not appreciated for their efforts. Also, we have a lot of entrepreneurs in our local communities struggling to make ends meet. I know a lot of talented Mothers and young individuals that have taken the Bulls by the Horns and decided that they want to start their own business but due to lack or no exposure, a lot have given up on their dreams and settled for less. 

This has motivated me to think of a way to connect businesses together to help each other and also promote our businesses for the world to see. Hence, Her Connect Hub is on a tour to take business networking to every city in the UK and beyond. 


 ● What motivates you and what are the principles that guide your business?

People say I’m a queen of positivity and motivation. 

My motivation comes firstly from God. My two beautiful Queens (my daughters). Seeing positive results and impacts of the amazing work we’re doing on our platform. The amazing and honest feedbacks are really inspiring and motivating! Seeing these wins make me smile. 


Principles that guide my business are building a long-lasting legacy with strong 


* Trustworthy 

* Accountable

* Kindness and Encouragement 

* Accepting and Welcoming




  • What has been your greatest entrepreneurial success?

I have so many but I’ll just mention a few here. 

Creating and building a platform that genuinely and passionately supports and empowers women-led businesses. 

Seeing the amazing growth of the businesses on our platform gives me so much joy. 

Nomination of two of our community members for Black Beauty and Fashion Awards (BBFAWARDS) and seeing both win in their nominated categories. 


  • What is your favourite aspect of being a female entrepreneur? 

It’s God, family and career for me. The flexibility to be able to serve God’s work around my family and make money is key for me and won’t trade for anything. 

Also, one of the amazing parts of being a female entrepreneur is meeting and connecting with amazing people from all walks of life. I meet so many people every day, like-minded women who are fulfilling their purposes. 

  • What is the most challenging part of being a female entrepreneur?

There are quite a few. Psychological barriers and bias against women. Shortage of funding and mentors among others. 

  • How is your work changing lives?

Networking is not only about trading information, but also serves as an avenue to create long-term relationships with mutual benefits. Creating and building a platform where women come together to network and support each other’s growth gives me indescribable joy. 


We’re businesses to expand their network. 

We’re helping to increase brand visibility. 

We’re helping them in breaking new grounds. We’re helping in making more sales and building long-lasting legacies – All these through our business exhibitions, online webinars and training. 

We support charity organisations. Every time we have business exhibitions, a certain percentage goes to these charities in supporting their great causes. It’s our way of giving back!

My dream is to have a global presence where women begin to think beyond wealth acquisition to creation, sustainability, investment, economic development, self-improvement, and legacy. 

  • Tell us about your products/services

Her Connect Business Exhibition

The goal of our exhibitions is to bring every small and medium business of women-led businesses of people of colour out to showcase their businesses and expertise

Her Connect Exchange Brunch

This is a networking event where women can build professional and business contact through networking, interaction, and idea-sharing without their products or services

Her Connect Business Community

An empowering and supportive community of amazing women-led businesses of people of colour – interacting, networking and acquiring growth pathways to develop their enterprises. Are just starting out in business or already bossing it? At whatever stage in your journey, there’s the next level. Let’s ease and simplify the process for you.

Her Connect Online Marketplace

Showcasing your business to newer audiences through our platform

Her Connect Experience

It is an annual intimate event to foster conversations, and meaningful connections beyond business while learning and networking in a glamorous, relaxed, and enchanting fine-dining setting.


  • Your contact details & social media handles 

Her Connect Hub

+44 7475 436819 



Make ‘Em Staree https://www.instagram.com/make_em_staree/ 

Arewàh Creations https://www.instagram.com/arewahcreations/ 


  • Any other info you want to add

I strongly believe with God everything is possible. You can achieve what you set your mind and if you put in the work. 

Never be silent, Reclaim your voice and believe in your dreams. 

Think about your personal dreams and think about how they can impact humanity because that’s one of the reasons we’re here on earth.

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