HER CONNECT HUB is currently a UK brand for women of colour in businesses and various career pathways. It is a platform where women support each other and develop skills for thriving in business, career, and daily living. These we intend to achieve through webinars, networking events, investment, career masterclass and partnership.

We have partnered with amazing women in the heights of their professions(i.e real estate, law and investments) who are charged up to support this vision. At the core of HER CONNECT HUB is the belief of delayed gratification and investment into a lasting economical and financial legacy. We believe global partnership and investment are the future of women’s empowerment.

A Network Of Women Supporting Women to Build Thriving Businesses

Our business community strategically aims at setting members’ businesses on success path through high value business trainings, exposition opportunities and community-bonding events, geared towards enabling women-led businesses of people of colour overcome their unique challenges and enjoy the process of building sustainable global enterprises.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be at the forefront of breaking barriers and creating growth paths for women led businesses across the UK and environs.

Our Vision

To build a strong community of members attaining excellence in their enterprises.

Our Objectives

Our Values

The Team


Team #1

Founder, Edilta

Team #1

Founder, Edilta

Team #1

Founder, Edilta

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